Digital school is the recent program which has been implemented in our educational system. Its aim is to hybridise education  based on traditional educational procedures and e-tools at teaching and learning process . The result of the program is the digital literacy that is to monitor the process of students’ and teachers’ work that leads to the integration of model solutions using ICT on each educational level. Mobile learning model focuses on the transformation of the emphasis from teaching to learning and education. The student perceived as a major subject of the education is the key to personalisation enabling the ability to create individual environments and learning paths at any time and space.

Traditional classes with paper versions of textbooks are supplemented with e-books that are the compendium of solutions – HD films, educational games, interactive pictures available for smart phone, tablet and  interactive board.

E-books, available for our students  free of charge, is a set of knowledge and skills under core curriculum with positive opinion of MEN experts. It’s ready to use in class and at home for students, teachers and parents. During the class our students enter the educational challenge 21st Century world by using tablets and interactive boards. E-book makes the lesson more interesting and  gives opportunity for better external exams’ results.

The British core curriculum is partially carried out on the basis of e-platform subscription which provides the source of basic and supplementary materials for all the subjects taught in English. This solution allows  to reduce cost of books which normally would  have to be purchased to fulfil the requirements of English classes (reading, reading comprehension and writing) which is mainly based, according to literacy program, on variety of texts.

E- class

The project implements electronic tools to monitor the student’s work as an e-register, e-platform for every class on which the students’ presentations are placed to create their individual and group portfolios. Access to most of e-tools 24/7 from every place, at any convenient time improves the process of communication between the school,  students and parents.

Each classroom has an access to the Internet, the students are equipped with tablets and by using the interactive board they fulfil the hybrid aim of teaching through blended-learning – combination of traditional methods with the latest technology.