Fundacja Rozwoju Edukacji Międzynarodowej

The purpose of the foundation

Fundacja Rozwoju Edukacji Międzynarodowej was established in response to the needs of the changing educational market. Economic and social migration is changing the national landscape of the global village we live in. The interpenetrating cultures, languages ​​and changes in the perception of the reality around us, which is dominated by the changes in the maze of time and space, pose new challenges for us. INFORMATION AND EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION are key elements of understanding and cooperation in all aspects of the private and professional life of each of us. Adapting to changes accompanying social and cultural changes requires an innovative and flexible approach to all spheres of interpersonal contacts.

The activities of the Fundacja Rozwoju Edukacji Międzynarodowej are aimed at supporting all initiatives aimed at promoting, implementing and working on solutions that optimize and increase the effectiveness of teaching processes using the best practices of global education systems. The implementation of such solutions requires adaptation to national and local conditions. The lingua franca of these projects is English, which is the passport of a citizen of the world.

Foundation’s goals and mission

MISSION of the Fundacja Rozwoju Edukacji Międzynarodowej


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”