Matura Exam

Which exams does a Secondary School graduate have to take?

A graduate must take the following Matura exams:

  1. Two oral exams
  2. Four written exams

Compulsory oral exams are:

  1. Polish language exam
  2. Modern foreign language

Compulsory written exams are:

  1. Polish language exam – elementary  level
  2. Maths exam – elementary level
  3. Modern foreign language –  elementary level
  4. Exam of a selected additional subject – advanced level

New Formula

The matura exam has three main functions. It sets the level of compliance by the candidates with the curriculum requirements in the subjects they took the examinations.

It certifies the the test taker has achieved the legally required level of knowledge and skills in Polish, Maths and a selected modern foreign language – in the case of passing compulsory examinations in the written part ( at the elementary level) and in the oral part ( without specifying the level)

It replaces the entrance examination to universities, which use the results of Matura exam in a given subjects – primarily at the advanced level – as a criteria in the admissions process.

All tasks in the examinations papers check to what extent the candidate meets the requirements listed for rach subject in the core curriculum for general education. It is a document that defines the scope od knowledge and skills that, on one hand, must be included in the education process, and on the other hand, they are tested in examination tasks.