Mission and graduates

International Secondary School Mission

The mission of the International Secondary School in Zabrze is to provide students with the highest level of education. Our goal is to care for the comprehensive development of changes, which is why all the activities we undertake in the facility are interdisciplinary, holistic and multicultural.

We teach our students to respect other people, tolerance of all social, religious and national differences, sensitivity to the needs od others and empathy. We help in recognising values and understanding different views, we teach acceptance and constructive communication, we support in understanding oneself, one’s roots, cultivating tradition and love for the homeland.

One of the main assumptions of our school is to build a safe, friendly atmosphere conductive to the development of young people. It is impossible to achieve such an effect without the support, dialogues and help from parents, therefore we make every effort to integrate the entire school community, thus creating a unique community od students, teachers and parents.

We educate students on the basis of two core curricula – Polish and British. The teaching model we have developed, the numer of classes conducted in English and work with the use od the most modern multimedia techniques, teaching aids and working methods provide students with the opportunity to acquire thorough knowledge, extensive language competences, independent thinking, creative problem solving and developing their own capabilities, passions and talents. We try to make every student feel good and safe at school, develop harmoniously and achieve success to the best of their own abilities. All this takes place in a unique international atmosphere, which is co-created by students, parents and teachers all over the world.

The culmination of each educational stage in our school is the opportunity to take an international exam and receive a language certificate which is a great “pass” to the global English – Speaking society.

PTE General exams are recognised all over the world by universities, employers and national education authorities of many countries, as a confirmation of mastering the required English language. This is one of the most prestigious and recognisable exams. Obtaining such a certificate is the culmination of the knowledge and language skills acquired by the students.

International Secondary School Graduates


The challenges awaiting young people in today’s world are to be depicted by the following statement which conveys the development of the mission implemented in our school and the values we share with our students:

This is me – Citizen of the world

I’m responsible for myself and the environment, my conscious choices and decisions.

I’m tolerant of any social, religious and ethnic differences, respecting others and myself.

I’m open to any challenges which a young person is to face in a global community life.

I feel, I know, I experience by lifelong learning, I know my value, I assign goals and strive to achieve them. I AM A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD.