Workshops and language camps

Language workshops in the United Kingdom and summer integration-language camps combine pleasure with learning. During the school year, the students of grades from IV-VIII have chance to verify their knowledge of history, culture and everyday life of the UK by taking part in educational and language workshops organized by our school. During summer holidays the students can continue language adventures. 20 years of experience in organizing English language summer camps flourishing with a combination of great fun, adventure and challenges implemented by the original program of trips, combining culture, history, competition and great fun – all in English. British and American days, Capture the flag, Treasure hunt, Scavenger Hunt or The Challenge are just a few of the events constituting the culture-language curriculum of our camps in Poland and abroad. It’s all for our students to help them believe in their opportunities and give chance to fulfil our school mission to become THE CITIZEN OF THE WORLD, which is at hand, in the International Secondary School in Zabrze.